Boating Diary

January 2023

4th     General boating

6th     Friendly racing DF65

11th   General boating

13th   General boating, suggested yacht DF95

18th   General boating

20th   General boating, suggested yacht DF65

25th   General boating

27th   Scale sail, yachts and motorboats


1st    General boating

3rd   General boating, suggested yacht DF95

8th   General boating 

10th  General boating, suggested yacht DF65

15th   General boating 

17th   Scale sail day, yachts and motorboats

22nd   General boating 

24th.   General boating, suggested yacht DF95


1st      General boating

3rd      General boating, suggested yacht DF65

8th      General boating

10th     Provisional date for annual lake maintence, cutting back overhanging vegetation etc

15th     General boating

17th     General boating, suggested yacht DF95

22nd     General boating

24th      Scale sail/motorboat morning

29th      General boating

31st      General boating, suggested yacht DF65


5th        General boating

7th.       Friendly racing DF95

12th.     General boating

14th.     Scale sail/motor

19th       General boating

21st       General boating suggested yacht DF65

26th.     General boating

28th       General boating suggested yacht DF95


3rd.       General boating

5th.       Friendly racing DF65

10th.      General boating

12th       Scale sail/ motor

17th       General boating

19th.      General boating suggested yacht DF95

24th.      General boating

26th.      General boating suggested yacht DF65

31st.      General boating


2nd.      Friendly racing DF95

7th.       General boating

9th.       Scale sail

14th.     General boating

16th.      General boating, suggested yacht DF65

21st.     General boating

23rd.     General boating, suggested yacht DF95

28th.     General boating

30th.     Scale sail


5th.     General boating

7th.     Friendly racing DF65

Saturday 8th July; Petworth in the Park regatta. Friendly DF65 racing and all welcome.

12th.   General boating

14th.   General boating, suggested yacht DF65

19th.   General boating

21st.    General boating, suggested yacht DF95

26th.    General boating

28th.    Starlet Regatta


2nd.     General boating

4th.      Friendly racing DF95

9th.     General boating

11th.   Geoff Millichamp Memorial Regatta

16th.   General boating

18th.   Petworth Regatta 11am at the gate

23rd.   General boating

25th.   General boating, suggested yacht DF65

30th.   General boating


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